Wet Brush Benefits for Hair: Should You Use One?


Are you tired of dealing with split ends and flyaways? Do you dread brushing your hair each day, and detangling your hair extensions during wash day? If so, you're not alone. Millions of women are searching for a better way to protect their hair and precious extensions against damage and make the styling process a little less of a hassle. Enter the wet brush.

Wet brushes have special bristles that glide through wet hair, preventing damage and making the brushing process as pain-free as possible. Keep reading to learn more about wet brush benefits for hair and find out if you should add this particular brush to your styling routine.



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How to Use a Wet Brush

If you want to add a wet brush to your daily routine, here's how to use it to brush out the tangles without damaging your delicate hair.

  1. When you get out of the shower, use a towel to squeeze or blot your hair. This removes excess moisture and prepares your hair for brushing. Avoid rubbing the hair dry, as rubbing can cause damage before you even begin the styling process. 
  2. If you use a detangling spray or serum, apply it according to the instructions on the package. You shouldn't have to use a detangler, though, as wet brushing removes tangles without damaging hair.
  3. Wait about 10 to 15 minutes to begin brushing. A short waiting period gives your hair a little more time to dry, making it strong enough to withstand brushing.
  4. Starting at the top of your head, move the wet brush through each section of your hair, gently moving it through any tangles. If needed, brush through the ends of your hair a second time to make sure they're tangle-free. For more curly textures, section hair and start at the bottom moving the brush up to help glide through your curls.
  5. Style your hair as desired.

Wet Brush Benefits for Hair

One of the main benefits of using a wet brush is that you don't have to worry about breaking delicate strands of hair. Wet brushes have bristles with just the right combination of softness and firmness to untangle your hair without damaging it. 

If you use a traditional brush on wet hair, you'll end up with flyaways, split ends, and other types of damage. Using a wet brush eliminates these problems, speeding up your styling routine without risking your luscious locks.

No More Pain

Another benefit of using the wet brush is that it prevents pain. With traditional brushes, the bristles often get stuck in knots, forcing you to yank as hard as you can to get the brush out of your hair. Not only does yanking a brush through tangled hair cause flyaways and breakage, it also causes pain. We don’t want that for you! 

Improved Scalp Circulation

Finally, using a wet brush gets the blood flowing in your scalp, ensuring the hair follicles have a steady supply of nutrients. When you have good scalp circulation, the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle lasts a little longer, making your hair look much healthier. 

During the anagen phase, new hairs grow out of the follicles and continue growing for approximately five to seven years (or until you cut them). As you age, the anagen phase gets shorter, so using a wet brush can help you keep your hair looking full for as long as possible.

The Versatility of Wet Brushes

Wet brushes are extremely versatile, making them ideal for people who travel frequently or need to take a brush with them to work or school. Unlike many other types of brushes, a wet brush works just as well with extensions as it does with natural hair. If you need a little pick-me-up during the day, you can even use a wet brush as a scalp massager. Although it's designed to prevent damage to wet hair, a wet brush works well on dry hair, eliminating the need to keep multiple styling tools at home or in your handbag.

wooden paddle brush

Wet Brush vs. Paddle Brush

Paddle brushes are good for long, thick hair, but they can damage wet hair just like any other traditional hairbrush. Due to the way hair is structured, it's important to use the right brush for the right occasion. The wrong brush can damage your hair and your scalp, forcing you to work twice as hard to make your hair look good.

If you're always in a hurry and want to brush your hair while it's wet, choose a wet brush instead. A wet brush removes tangles, but it won't cause breakage, making it ideal for people with fine hair, curly hair, and hair that tangles easily. Here's why:

Hair Structure

Every strand of hair on your head has a cuticle, or a protective layer that guards against damage caused by styling products, curling irons, hair dryers and other environmental elements. The cuticle is what makes your hair soft and shiny. If your hair is wet, using a traditional hairbrush can cause cuticle damage, leaving the inner layer of each strand vulnerable to damage caused by heat and dry air.

Once the cuticle is damaged, there's no way to repair it, so the best way to keep your hair looking healthy is to avoid cuticle damage in the first place. A wet brush helps you do that. Wet hair is fragile, so it's important to handle the wet brush carefully and avoid excess pulling.

Using a Wet Brush With Hair Extensions

Even the most quality hair extensions to be detangled with care. 

If you wear extensions, it's good to get into the habit of drying them completely before you brush them. On those days when you just don't have time to use a hair dryer or let your extensions dry naturally, however, a wet brush can help you avoid damage.

Instead of brushing from top to bottom, like you would with your natural hair, you should section the extensions into layers and work from the bottom layer outward. This can prevent one of the upper layers from getting tangled with a layer below it. If you encounter any knots, untangle them carefully using smooth brushing motions. 

Choose the Right Tool for the Job

If you want to take advantage of the many wet brush benefits for hair, make sure you choose the right tool for the job. Whether you are wearing our Straight Clip ins, or Kinky Curly Tape-Ins, this brush can make sure your hair stays in great shape.