What Kind of Hair is Used in the Extensions?

All Sleek by Hailey extensions are 100% cuticle aligned human hair. Our extensions are made from Indian, Burmese or European hair.

How Long Will my Extensions Last?

With proper care and maintenance, our luxury human hair extensions can last a significantly long time. We expect our cuticle aligned hair to last minimally 3 years with many uses and styling, along with the proper treatment. Read more about how long our hair extensions last on our blog. 

Can I Dye my Extensions?

Since all of our extensions are made with 100% raw or Remy human hair, they can be dyed. To ensure hair remains in its best condition, we strongly recommend having hair handled by a professional for any alterations.

Can I Apply Heat to my Extensions?

Yes! Our hair extensions can be styled using all heat tools. Make sure to apply the appropriate products and heat protectant before.

What is the Best Way to Install my Curly Clip Ins?

There are many methods that can be used to apply our clip ins. For our curly clip ins, we recommend to apply them on top of braided down hair or to use our spray bottle to dampen your curls prior to clipping the weft on for a natural blend.

How Many Bundles/Wefts of Hair Are Needed for A Full Install?

The number of wefts/bundles needed for a full install depends on the length of hair being used. For lengths 16” and shorter, we recommend using 2 wefts/bundles. For lengths 18”+, we recommend using 3 wefts/bundles at minimum. 

How Do I Select The Correct Volume for My Clip In Extensions?

For our straight clip ins, customers have the option of choosing from a classic set and extra volume set. For our curly clip ins, customers have the option of choosing from an extra volume set and mega volume. 

Choosing the density level is personal preference based on hair type. For fine hair, we recommend our classic set for straight clip ins, and extra volume for curly clip ins. Our extra volume straight clip ins and mega volume curly clip ins are designed to maximize volume and hair density. So, for a really full look, we recommend selecting those options.