Sleek by Hailey is a luxury hair extension and accessory company that values product and customer diversity. We are a brand that specializes in representing all hair textures.

OUR PROMISE           

We promise to offer high quality human hair extensions and accessories to all of our customers. Whether you have the tightest curl pattern or pin straight hair, Sleek by Hailey is committed in providing the most-fitting and luxurious extensions and accessories for all your hair needs.

OUR MISSION           

"At Sleek by Hailey, we are motivated in our goal to encourage and promote the importance of diversity in the hair industry. We want to eliminate the challenges individuals face when trying to find the right extensions that match their hair and its uniqueness, without jeopardizing the quality. It is our priority to help women of all different backgrounds enhance their natural beauty by using our extensions"

-Founder & CEO, Hailey Brown


All Sleek by Hailey hair extensions are guaranteed to be 100% human hair - Raw or Remy. Our extensions are cuticle aligned and come from a single source donor to ensure that the hair is super soft and silky from the roots all the way to the ends. Sleek by Hailey offers luxury hair extensions that will last a significantly long time with the proper care and maintenance.

kinky coily curly clip ins raw 1b color

Contact info

Email: hello@sleekbyhailey.com

Instagram: @sleekbyhailey