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Tan Scrunchie

Perfect soft scrunchie to use whether it's to tie your hair for style, hair wash days, or hair treatment days. If you have curly hair super plus that it doesn't twist and tangle your hair. Dries perfect later when used on wet hair

Pink scrunchie

This scrunchie is so elegant and fancy as it's a soft pink. Great at holding your hair together. I have natural curly hair so during hair wash days it doesn't pull my hair when separating in parts to blow dry.

Satin bonnet

Bonnet stays on all night which is perfect. The elastic around the edges really holds on keeping your hair in tact for the next day.

Mist bottle

If you have curly hair this is the perfect spray bottle as it doesn't drench your hair, but makes it moist enough to comb through and add product.

First time using clip ins and it won’t be my last!

Let me start by saying I’m not much of an extension wearer because I have been hard pressed to find a brand that carries hair like mine. When I opened the pack I knew that this hair was going to work. I love the texture, the ease of install, the length, the bounce, everything! For a clip ins first timer it was very simple to figure out and gave me versality that I didn’t know clip ins could have! I will definitely be trying more styles in the future

These extensions !

So long soft and beautiful make me feel confident without damaging my hair

This comb!!!

I’ve been looking for scalp massager for ever and I’m so glad I found sleekbyhailey!!!

The absolute best feels so amazing on my scalp and super relaxing

Best wet hair comb ever!

I’ve used some combs like this one before and let me tell you guys this one has been so far the best it’s wide and gentle on my hair , it gets the job done

Kinky Curly Weft

I ordered two kinky curly wefts and it gave my hair the exact volume that I needed. The curls are so soft and fluffy. I love how it matches perfectly with my hair texture. I highly recommend !


The Caramel Balayage wefts are everything ! The two colours combined just go perfectly well together. I received so many compliments with these wefts. The hair is super soft and thick from top to bottom 10/10 recommend.

Hair storage bag

Perfect bag to protect your hair extensions knowing it’s safe and in a fancy bag made me the happiest girl ever

Tan Silk Scrunchie M

Perfect scrunchie to protect my hair ,I use this scrunchie everyday to style my hair before going to bed knowing it’s protected and I won’t have any hair stuck to it makes me so happy

Bamboo paddle brush

Definitely my favourite brush use it everyday ,it glides perfectly through my hair when it’s both straight or curly and sometimes I just brush it because it’s feels so good definitely a brush every girl needs

Boar bristle brush

Firstly I love how soft this brush is but still gets my hair perfectly sleek for my sleek bun look

Bamboo Comb

Love this Bamboo comb works perfect on my 3C curly hair and Love even more that it’s super cute fits perfectly in my bag when I need to touch up my hair

I love these!

Clip ins have become my favorite since becoming a mother. I’m always looking to add length and get a fuller look but I never have the time to get my hair done for hours. I got the regular clip ins before but this time around I decided to go with the volume ones and WOW. I love that I have another alternative for wearing my hair out. They make me feel grown and sexy :)

Wet Brush

I love this brush! It detangles my hair better than any brush I owned prior to receiving this one. I also like how wide it is because it’s get the job done a lot quicker. Detangling curly hair is never fun but I don’t feel as much pulling when I use this.

Scalp Massager

I love this scalp massager! It has been a game changer for when my scalp is itchy and a great addition to wash day!
Very aesthetically pleasing.

The design is so CUTE!

Everytime I pull this edge brush out around my friends they are in awe of the design. It’s so classy and of course gets the job done!

The best hair!

I love this hair. I have gotten so many compliments on how soft my hair is. The wefts are pretty full. I ordered 3 bundles of 28,26,24 inches and I usually would need 4 bundles but the thickness of the wefts we’re so good it looked perfect!

My fav product!

Feels great on my scalp! The texture of the bristles helps me massage my scalp without being too aggressive.

Love this comb!

I love the versatility of the comb! I use it to comb my wefts and my natural hair and it leaves me with minimal breakage!

The best!

I love this scrunchie because it doesn’t pull my hair out. I wear my hair up often and it helps lessen the damage. I also love that when my hair is styled, it doesn’t create a dent once I put my hair up. This is a must for my ponytail/bun girls :)

Scalp massager

My scalp massager has been great In the shower. When I use conditioner or even a hair mask it’s great to use!

Loveeee It!

I love my clip ins! It gives me a great volume and length to my hair and it’s easy to curl and also use a crimp on the extensions.